About SMB

I started SmashMyBrain many years ago. First as a literary magazine used underground to fight against oppression by being direct and “anti-bullshit” and Secondly, as a means to an end to be heard.

SmashMyBrain today is more about my continued blogging about games, music and usually the things that piss me off about this world. In the past everything was kept together, but this time around I am dividing posts into categories,

Disclaimer: If you can’t handle the language when it arises, then GTFO. Seriously, there is nothing more fucking hypocritical than some repressed individual trying to do right in this world by poking his nose into my business and calling his intrusion “justice” when newsflash….no one gives a shit!

I do not care about your age, your titles, or your background…

Just if what you say is actually legit. I may not like it, but at least I can tell you straight in your face across the internet what I think.

Anonymous crap? Of course not!

Only fools believe that the internet is anonymous. In the future I will post links to zones as “special topics” 🙂

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"Reality is the illusion of the mind"