SAO-Alternative: GGO (up to Ep. 7)

Then we got into Episode 6.

Episode 6 was all about convincing LLENE to join a new Squad Jam that was being setup. The episode goes like this:

M shows up in “real life” to Karen and says “Join Squad Jam 2 or the girl you met will kill me in real life and then kill herself, because I love her….I am going to go with what she says and pull you into her plan to be killed by you”

While the other part of the episode was “Hi, lets meet the team who I beat in-game in real life, because apparently in Japan, Online Games are so cool that everyone gets along and meets each other in real life!”

Dot Hack?

Recovery of an MMO JUNKIE?

Sword Art Online?

The bullshit is everywhere!

Episode 6 was totally NOT NEEDED!

In fact, all that was needed was to make the first three episodes of LLENE competing in the Squad Jam (because she wanted to prove her strength) and wins in the end with M, while having flashbacks throughout to her early days. Then in the fourth episode, she could have said she was returning to enter in Squad Jam II and learn that M and Pitohui were going to play against her. Exchange some harsh words, then it would have been dramatic to learn about her state of mind in-game and end it with Fukaziroh entering the picture as both were about to enter the second Squad Jam.

If this was American Animation, it would have been done like that because at least American Animation focuses more on action and fluidity of action.

Episode 7 was god-awful! In fact it was even stated that melee weapons did not exist…bullshit! What about the saber/sword that Kirito used in Battle of Bullets!? Everyone surely remembers that. Lets not even talk about how the entire episode was introducing the personality of one character and waiting for the start of the second Squad Jam.

I can understand the super-slow way of introducing content to stretch it out over a 24 minute episode, but this has been absolute garbage so far! This anime is as slow as dot hack sign was!!!

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