"Reality is an illusion of the mind"
Welcome to your 3 for 1 special...Three trashy articles in one!

Article 0: "Useless crap and other philosophical bullshit!"

Ever gotten tired of all the graphical bullshit and waste of so many god-damned resources? Enough of this shit! This site will return to simple ways...page by page. No more of the fucking "if we lose the database, all our info. is fucked!" All links will open in new tabs and no "back" button will exist, ever! Just kill tabs when you are done. If you can't handle my language, get the fuck out! No more damned counters! No more damned PC garbage! ....and no more fancy shit, just plain writing.

Article 1: Your Fucking Rights!"

You are person, which is a hell of a lot better than what others tell you. At least I say up front that I don't give a shit! In fact, I also will tell you that if you want to send me hate-mail, do so at smb@smashmybrain.com. Notice im not doing a mailto: link. You're a big boy to copy and paste into that white void you call an inbox. No damned comment sections here, as I am saving you all from replying to a community lacking intelligence in all but the one area they like to remind you of their greatness, even if has nothing to do with any of the shit they are reading. If email has a worthy response, I will post replies online if they are worthy. Trust me first before you start crying about Rights!

Article 2: "Reality is an illusion of the mind!"

I live by this. Always have. I have learned behaviors and aspects of both genders, but I am not a transgender. I have been part of the loopholes and been told its an imperfect world, like shit...tell me something I don't know! :( We wake up one day, we are told by those who do not understand fully what to do. We are then expected to perform at 100% just to be chastised for not being able to. As we grow from our innocent state to our active, adult state we are once again reeducated. We are told to leave behind our past and attitude and conform to a work based professional attitude. We think we are happy, until we see the rich, and wealthy acting childlike, breaking all the rules. That is because there are no rules, except for those created by those higher than oneself. You can either follow everyone elses rules until the day you die or take control of your life. Even the law is subject to interpretation, and in today's world we are trained and told how to think, and what to think and penalized for thinking of anything else. What is real will always change, and the illusion will fix itself to rationalize your own existence.